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Virtual/video viewings will be sent to potential applicants in the first instance, and when they have expressed further interest then we will ask for a pre-viewing questionnaire to be completed. If the applicant meets the criteria required, we will arrange an in person viewing.

  • This must be carried out in an empty or vacated property and must only be with members of one household.
  • If an applicant is looking for a property to share with a friend then only one person will view.
  • Viewers must wear face coverings and must not touch anything when walking around.
  • Pontings staff must wear a face covering and must use antibacterial spray on any surfaces touched eg door handles or light switches.

  • Children should not enter the properties, and if a property is still tenanted, tenants should be asked to switch lights on and open all internal doors before vacating the property.
  • Keys must be sanitised before returning to the office.
  • Any information should be forwarded by email, no paper leaflets should be given in person.
  • Open house viewings should not go ahead and staggered viewings should be booked in sensible time slots to allow sanitisation between appointments.

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Moves will be able to go ahead. Properties will be visited in advance by a member of the Pontings team to take meter readings and to lay out paperwork and keys. They will then meet the new tenants at the front of the property and relay any information needed. As many documents as possible will be emailed to the new tenants.

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Office Presence

The Pontings OFFICE will be CLOSED TO VISITORS from Thursday 5th November until lockdown2 is lifted. The office will be manned when required but the team will be reachable by phone or by email.

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Maintenance and Contractor Visits

Maintenance issues will continue to be addressed and routine gas and electrician inspections will still go ahead. Tenants should ensure that any symptoms are disclosed before contractors enter a property and where possible the property should be vacated when a contractor visits.

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Property Inspection

Property inspections will be carried out remotely using questionnaires and photos of any issues raised. Videos of smoke alarms being tested will be required.

Valuations will go ahead with strict guidelines in place.